Videos for Entrepreneurs

We teach video for entrepreneurs, non-profits, podcasters, small business owners, artists and more. The next best thing to being live and in-person is watching a video that captures your spirit of enthusiasm. We’ll teach you or we’ll do it for you.


We’ll either teach you how to make your own videos or we can make videos for you:

2 Hour Express Workshop (in English or en Espanol)
In two hours, you learn our 10 rules that will get you in front of the camera to shine. Your people want to “get to know you” and even though you don’t like how you look on camera (nobody likes how they look!) or how you sound (nobody likes how they sound!), we give you the tools you need to put yourself out there right away.
Special Pricing: $199

Video Coaching for Individuals
Time for some one-on-one coaching so that we transform you from someone who absolutely does not want to be in front of the camera into someone who has all the tools and know-how to let their true selves shine through. Seriously, you just have to “be yourself” and we’ll coach you through your first six videos. The sixth video will be ready to post online and after that, you’ll know what it takes to make your next 100 videos without us !

Videos for Linked In
Make your introduction pop witha great video.

Videos for Dating Sites Introductions
Make your introduction pop with a great (classy, not weird) video Special Pricing $99

Coaching for better Zoom Skills Improve everything in 2 hours. Special Pricing $99

We Make Your Video for You

We Make Your Video Ad for You We’ll work with you to make sure we cover all the main points about your business then we’ll interview you and add your logos and photos and boom! You’ve got a usable ad in 24 hours from the time we interview you
Special 2020 Pricing: $399

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Podcast Promotion
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Podcast Promotion
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